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Wireless point to point links are a cost effective way for homes or business to share their current internet connection between locations that are hundreds of feet or miles apart. If your locations have clear line of sight between them you can create an affordable wireless link at prices that are far less than trenching or paying for a second dedicated line from your provider.

Across your property, the highway or your town. Point to point wireless beats the cost of wired!!.

We use the latest wireless technologies to create a cost effective solution for your specific need and budget. Contact Us

Advantages of Wireless:
  • A PTP link is a great alternative to ISP’s with monthly costs
  • No trenching required to expand your LAN or WAN to new locations
  • Great for portable buildings & construction sites
  • Up to 99.9% reliability
  • Quick to deploy, typically under a week from time of order
  • Equipment can be 24/7 monitored, firmware upgraded

Contact us for a free site survey and estimate. We will evaluate your needs and create the best solution to fit your budget.

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